Airing date: 04/22/08 8:00 PM EST
This week we give away two laptops to a pair of students from Cypress Bay High! In Tech Talk, the guys discuss 'Save’ and ‘Save As’. Mike Tabano talks about the Google Summer of Code 2008 and does an entire solo segment on Net Neutrality. This week's guest is Larry Farber of Integration Yoga with some yoga tips on how to stretch and feel better while at your computer.

Airing date: 12/11/07 8:00 PM EST
This week in the Teen Scene segment, Lindsay & Kim will tell you their favorites websites for the ‘best way to procrastinate on doing your homework’. Also, Mike T. talks about the RIAA (and why we hate them). The guys will also teach you how to create a secure password and why it's so important.

Airing date: 11/20/07 8:00 PM EST
Mike S starts the show pissed off at the customer service (or lack thereoff) from the big computer companies. Mike T explains why it's better to do business with us. This week Mike interviews Allen Cesany of and The Mikes teach you the proper way to search using Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

Airing date: 10/30/07 8:00 PM EST
Our Pilot Show! In this episode, Amber & Lindsay will cover some safety tips for your kids on the Internet and how you can monitor their activity on the computer. Also, there's great information about protecting your wireless Access Point and the dangers of not doing so. Mike(2) discuss current, computer related news and Grant explains that even old computers can still be worth keeping.


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